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    School Information


    Principal: Tom Kaiser

    Athletic Director: John Pettaway

    Address: 510 Waverly Ave BK NY 11238

    Gym Location

    Spectator Policy

    • Non athletes are not permitted on the court. That includes before/after a game, nor halftime. A request to leave the court will be the first warning, should that spectator become rude or non complaint, they’ll be asked to leave.
    • Please do not block any of the doors in the gym. You can not stand/spectate in front of an entrance or exit locations. In the case of an emergency, we need those areas 100% clear.
    • Please do not walk on the court. if you are entering the gym, please walk along the sidelines to avoid delaying the games or an accident.
    • Please do not allow small children to run on to the court. We ask that an adult monitor them going to the bathroom if need be and or entering or exiting.
    • Please discard any and all trash into the trash containers. There will be multiple for your convenience. 
    • Teams that are waiting to play a game, do not bounce, pass or play with a basketball while a game is in progress. (remain on the sidelines until your scheduled game commences)
    • We do allow parents to take photographs during the games from the sidelines, we ask that you not get on the court to take pictures until the game ends.
    • No cursing of any kind is permissible in our gym. Any adult that becomes belligerent towards a game official, child or another adult will be asked to leave the premises. If their child is playing, they can wait in the lobby with security personnel.
    • When the games end, teams that have just played are not allowed to shoot around or invite family members to shoot the ball. We have a time sensitive schedule, it is of great importance that the gym is cleared immediately following the final buzzer. 
    • All visitors must pay fee to enter the gym (non endeavor games) players/coaches/cheerleaders are not required to do so. $2 Adults $1 Children (10 years old & up)






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