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About the New York City Charter School Athletic Association

History of the Charter School Athletic Association (CSAA)

Students attending charter and other small non-district schools are often not afforded the opportunity to compete in exciting tournaments.  "All charter schools, particularly middle and high schools, face the same challenge:  how to provide a quality athletic program that satisfies the needs of the students without draining the school's budget", says CSAA Founder/Commissioner, Ty Moore.

 In the spring of 2004, a group of dedicated charter school athletic directors got together and came up with a solution. Spearheaded by Ty Moore., the Charter School Basketball League (CSAA) was founded.  This governing body was the first step taken in the direction of organizing, regulating and promoting the charter school athletic movement.  At that time, basketball was the most widely established sport offered by charter schools that could be formalized into a league.  The
CSAA was a three year experience during which time other interscholastic sports were being developed by its member schools.  In May of 2005, the program transitioned to what is now CSAA.


The Charter School Athletic Association is a 501c3 non- profit organization that strives to provide all New York City charter schools with the resources and facilities necessary to supports a high quality extracurricular program of interscholastic athletics and performing arts. By forging community and school partnerships, the CSAA is determined to ensure that all children in New York City charter schools have equal opportunity to grow into healthy and happy adults committed to the value of cooperation, fairness, and respect.


The Charter School Athletic Association’s vision is to develop and maintain inter-scholastic sports leagues and arts programs that charter schools and communities can rely on yearly. Our vision is to nurture the charter schools’ appreciation for the arts, sports, physical fitness, and nutrition.


Motivate students to maintain good academic grades through eligibility requirements

Showcase the athletic talents of our charter school students

Provide charter schools with annual interscholastic leagues

Encourage good sportsmanship

Give our charter school community an organized athletic outlet

Increase the level of school pride in our charter school community

Increase student interaction between charter schools students

Encourage parent participation and volunteer support and community involvement

Assist in nurturing the relationships among charter schools, staff, students and parents

To provide a friendly competitive arena, amongst students with similar


CSAA is a 501 C3 Not-For-Profit Organization.

Your donation will help provide interscholastic sports for charter schools which will:

·         Provide our charter school community an organized athletic outlet

·         Encourage parent participation, volunteer support and community involvement

·         Assist in nurturing the relationship among charter schools, staff, students and parents

·         Promote wellness and unity across NYC’s charter school community and beyond