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    School Information


    Principal: Jawanna Johnson

    Athletic Director: Charles Sullivan

    Address: 245 W 129th St NY NY 10027

    Gym Location

    Spectator Policy

    Harlem Children’s Zone- Promise Academy Spectator Protocols

    • All teams should meet in the lobby of Promise Academy Charter School.

      The Address for these locations are:

      Promise Academy 1- 245 West 129th Street, New York, New York

      Promise Academy 2- 35 East 125th Street, New York, New York


    • Teams should under no circumstances proceed to the gym on without a Promise Academy staff member.


    • The visiting team must submit a roster of its players, coaches, cheerleaders and their spectators at least an hour prior to the game.Please be aware that if someone is not on the list, they will not be allowed to enter the building.


    • Each player is allowed 2 fans and one must be an adult. No teenage or youth fans will be allowed unattended by an adult.  Once we have reached our capacity for your fans we will then begin the process of turning fans away.


    • We reserve the right to turn away any unruly or suspicious behaving spectators. 


    • Visiting locker rooms are to be treated with respect and should be free of any damages after usage by the all visiting teams.  Locker rooms will be inspected prior to and after being used. The school is not responsible for anyone’s personal or school belongings.


    • Official school cheerleaders will be allowed to enter the building, if they have their uniform and are accompanied by a staff member from their school.  Staff members will be allowed to enter the building, if they present official school identification. 


    • All spectators must sit on the bleachers at all times.


    • No food or drinks allowed in the gymnasium at any time.  No garbage may be left in the gymnasium.


    • Any explicit or implicit unruly, disrespectful, inappropriate, or unsportsmanlike behavior, comments, attitude, or gestures will warrant immediate removal from the building and jeopardize future participation in any school event.  The school administration reserves the right to determine what is considered implicit and/or inappropriate.


    • All visitors must follow the rules of no headwear, inappropriate clothing, items that may be used as a weapon, etc., at all times.







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